Toys and Choking Hazards

We have all seen the warning on the plastic or box of toy products with small parts: choking hazard. We are usually careful to purchase age-appropriate toys to avoid these issues but sometimes these precautions are not enough. Even if there is a warning and age restrictions, some toys are just too dangerous to be sold for use.

This was the case of a toy dart set imported from China by an American company that resulted in the death of an 8-year-old boy from Texas. It is usually the size of the toy part that constitutes a danger to very small children because they will often push these parts into their ears or nose or even swallow them. However, when the toy poses a danger to a child within the appropriate age range, then it can be considered “unreasonably dangerous.”

Above case, the Consumer Product Safety Commission launched an investigation that resulted in the issuance of a recall order of the product. But this is not the only toy that needs to be taken off the shelves.
According to this article, the following may also pose a threat to children:

  • Bead sets with easily detachable heart pendant small enough to choke on
  • Animal toys with parts that detach and represent a choking hazard (no small parts warning)
  • Toys that look like food
  • Lead-containing inflatable toys
  • Antimony, cadmium and phthalates in toys
  • Too-loud toys

Just because a product is found in the toy department in a major retail store does not mean that it is safe for a child’s use. If your child has acquired or been given any of the toys in this list, you should remove it at once. You may not have been aware of the dangers they pose, especially the toxic elements that may be present in the toy’s materials.

If your child has been seriously harmed because of a toy, you may be able to bring the manufacturer or importer to account for their negligence. Contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to find out more about product liability.

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