New Technologies Help Prevent Road Accidents

Road safety has always been one of the top priorities not only for the government, but also for the manufacturers and eventually the drivers of these vehicles. There are many ways that a car accident can occur on the road: distractions, defective auto parts, negligence, drunk driving, and many others. In order to combat the rising number of car accidents in the United States, the government is now trying to urge motorist to have “talking” technology in their vehicles in an attempt to prevent road accidents.

In the past, the most important safety feature that most cars have has been seat belts and air bags. Although it does help in securing the safety of the driver and passengers, it is not enough to prevent serious injury once a car accident does occur. Because of this, technological advances have looked into further enhancing the safety feature of cars in order to lower the risks of injury or death when car collisions occur. According to various companies, this technology will feature vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems that would automatically let cars provide and exchange safety data and would signal drivers of imminent collisions once the car senses that another vehicle in too close or is speeding.

Although the safety feature is still in its initial stage, one implemented, the government suggests it could prevent at least 80 percent of road accidents. The US Department of Transportation hopes that once the vehicle-to-vehicle communication system is complete, every vehicle will be required to install the safety system. It has already been hailed as the next generation of improvements for vehicle safety, a great shift from the passive safety technology that seatbelts and airbags provide to a much more active safety technology.

Preventing a car accident is always a better option than having to pay for medical bills due to a serious injury or fatality. This is why aside from the vehicle-to-vehicle communication system, back-up cameras and crash avoidance systems are already being used by many motorists. Installed cameras around the vehicle can help provide the driver proper view of those around him or her, and crash avoidance systems help alert motorists of other vehicles around them. These car safety technological advances could effectively lower or prevent car accidents in the near future.

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