Duties of Dog Owners and Legal Rights of Dog Bite Victims

Every year, about 800,000 cases of dog bites or animal attack are reported in the US, with most of the victims being very young children and adults 60 years old or above, family members or relatives of dog owners themselves.

Dog owners naturally hold the belief that their dog/s is/are the greatest and the friendliest dog/s anyone can have. This is because dogs are generally friendly, loyal and adorable pets. Owners, however, should never dismiss the thought that there are certain factors that can make a dog feel threatened or over playful so that their next action would cause injury to someone. At other times, when allowed to run free, when they lack the much needed exercise, keeping their energy unspent, or when their owners fail to properly train them, then they can injure and even kill. Some of the serious damages that a dog can cause include disfigurement, scarring, severe laceration, bone fracture, crushed windpipe, nerve and muscle damage leading to loss of function or paralysis, loss of digits or limbs, disease and infection (such as rabies), or wrongful death.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of the 800,000 reported dog bites each year; about 368,000 victims are rushed to emergency departments; in 2012, more than 27,000 dog-bitten people required reconstructive surgery. Due to these, CDC continuously works to find ways that are aimed at reducing the number of dog bites and animal attacks in the US. One of these means is the implementation of the leash law, or “Running at Large Statutes,” which states that dogs should be on leash, especially in public areas, like parks and woods trails, so as to keep them from injuring anyone.

Since dogs are their owners’ full responsibility, anyone these pets may injure are, therefore, the owners’ responsibility too. An Indianapolis personal injury lawyer may mention that those who get injured by other’s dogs have the right to pursue legal action against the owner for the purpose of recovering the compensation needed for their medical treatment, as well as for other damages that will result from the injury caused by the animal.

Many dog owners should learn and know how to take proper care of their pet/s and how to keep it/these from being a threat to anyone. Likewise, dog bite and dog attack victims need to know a number of important things, such as their legal right and options and possible right to compensation; things about which a dog bite attorney may be able to provide the needed legal help.

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