Distracted Driving is Bad, Too

You will be hard pressed to find someone arguing that driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a good and safe thing to do. Many people will even agree that it is a crime and that it is unsafe before drinking and driving themselves! But on the bright side, we have at least come to a consensus as a society that driving under the influence is wrong.

Driving while distracted, on the other hand, is less clear to many people. While I am not an expert nor a legal professional, I have done some research on the safety of driving while distracted by activities such as texting or applying makeup. So let me make it very clear to anyone that might be confused: driving while distracted is incredibly unsafe and increasingly, a crime.

Nothing that you are doing while driving is important enough to potentially take the life of another person or to severely damage property. As popular advertisements warn: your texts can wait. If you still decide to drive while doing something else that requires your attention, you are almost certainly going to crash.

Another flipside of distracted driving car accidents, though, is that you might be involved in an accident that is not of your making! If you were hit by a person who was texting while driving or otherwise turning their attention on other matters while at the wheel, then it might be in your best interest to contact and hire a Beaumont car accident attorney who is experienced with litigating distracted driving accidents.

You do not deserve to be under financial stress and physical pain because of the actions of another. But sadly, here are some of the costs that you might be facing if you are hit and injured in a distracted driving accident:

  • Vehicle/car body repairs
  • Recovering the costs of your property damaged in the crash (personal belongings, etc.)
  • Cost of hospital stay
  • Treatment for various injuries

Expecting people that had nothing to do with the car accident to pay these costs is absolutely ridiculous. However, if you do not have a car accident attorney who is experienced with proving liability in cases of distracted driving, this just might be the situation you can find yourself in soon. But by hiring a lawyer, they can advocate on your behalf and look into who was truly at fault.

Living in a world in which people could get away with driving while distracted is absolutely frustrating. The only thing that we can do, as concerned, safety-minded citizens, is lead by example. If an urgent text is sent your way, or if you need to do something that will require your mind to focus on things other than the road in front of you, then it is best for everyone involved for you to safely pull out to a parking lot or to the side of the road.

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